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Just like any other tool your business uses, software is vital in getting the job done quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Our mission is to build custom tools that actually work for your business.

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What We Do

Our Specialty

Our specialty is designing and building custom software from the ground up, ensuring that your software matches your business needs exactly. We know that Microsoft Excel and Access and similar solutions work well for many small businesses, but inevitably your business outgrows the features that out-of-the-box software can offer. That's where we come in!

Web Development

Custom, powerful software that runs in the cloud or on-prem, accessible from anywhere from any device

App Development

Build a custom stand-alone Android and/or iOS app; or integrate it with your existing software

Custom Integrations

Does your existing software work well? We can integrate and customize only the parts you need

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What's important to us

Core Values


In a world where unrealistic estimates and missed deadlines are common, we do our best to stand out with integrity and honesty in every aspect of our company, from communication to everyday operations.


We love what we do, and are passionate about the software we create. Additionally, our dedication extends into fostering team dynamics that lead to an unbeatable synergy. The result is high quality software that we care about. In the words of Steve Jobs, "The only way to do great work is to love what you do"


We respect your input as our customer. Respect means that if your envisioned software is not the best path forward we'll provide alternatives and our own perspective to help you make the best decision. We believe that respect in all aspects of collaboration has positive, far-reaching affects.


At the heart of our company is a commitment to these values, guided by our faith in God. We believe in conducting our business with a sense of purpose, striving to reflect these values in every interaction and decision. Our faith inspires us to not only achieve excellence in our software solutions but also to foster a supportive and ethical workplace where every team member is valued.

Who we are

Meet The Team

It's not every day you get the opportunity to hire a team as unanimously passionate about software as ours. Let's rephrase that... With us, the opportunity DOES come every day! Believe it or not, we actually look forward to Monday mornings- eager to implement the brainstorm that blew in over the weekend.

What we've done



An inordinate amount of time can go into implementing every available "best" practice, writing code to test your code, and overall perfection. Our real-world experience has taught us that not all customers want to pay for this level of perfection. At Tectonic Codeworks, we'll communicate your options and work with you to design the software you want at a price you can afford. Our combined experience spans various programming languages, frameworks, and industries; so rest assured that you're in good hands. Here’s a brief glimpse into some of the tools we use, and projects we've done.